The Exchange Platform & Spirits Museum cross interview


Folgend ein Crossinterview mit Caier von der "The Exchange Platform":


We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Sven Brosens, the creator of the Spirits Museum. We found it interesting to ask him a few questions about the museum and his journey. It turned into a fascinating exchange where he also asked us to explain what we do. What could make more sense for us than to talk about spirits with the creator of the Spirits Museum? Let's embark on this!


Sven, who are you and who is behind the museum?

I'm a newcomer to the world of spirits, but I've always been interested in them. During the Covid pandemic, instead of pursuing further professional training, I decided to complete the Spirits Sommelier course and then added the WSET Level 3 in Spirits the following year. Since 2023, I have been the President of the Rum Club Switzerland and a member of two other associations: the Whisky and Schnapps Forum Switzerland.

Why was the museum created and why in Switzerland? What can we find there?

The idea for the museum was born during my sommelier training. Instead of opening a bar, I wanted to share more knowledge about all types of spirits. I searched for a suitable location for two years and finally found one in Belp at the end of 2023. In the museum, visitors can learn about the history and production of various categories of spirits. Of course, you can also taste the many bottles on display and broaden your horizons.

Looking ahead, what do you expect?

The museum is fully equipped, and I am now waiting for authorization to open, hopefully in July. I expect to attract curious individuals who want to learn about new spirits as well as professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and taste spirits from different categories.

How can the community help?
The community can help preserve the history of spirits and distilleries by contributing old and new bottles, utensils, tools, barrels, bar equipment, books, and anything related to spirits. For companies interested in exhibiting their products in the museum, I have an exhibition concept that I would be happy to share.

What's your favorite spirit?

I started with rum and have remained loyal to it, from white Bacardi with cola to premium dark rums and single cask bottlings at cask strength. My absolute favorite bottle is "The Last" from the Caroni Distillery. I now also enjoy Armagnac and Mezcal. Thanks to the museum idea, I try to find exceptional liquids in all categories.

Where can we meet you in the future? Any upcoming spirits events? Are there any upcoming events, partnerships, or educational purposes?

In the future, you can certainly meet me at the museum, where visitors can explore the world of spirits or participate in tastings or seminars. I will also be present at many trade fairs in Switzerland and abroad, such as Whisky Live Paris. Additionally, companies will have the opportunity to organize their own events at the museum.


Now let's talk about you guys at The Exchange Platform. Can you explain who are you and how did you get into the spirits business?

I’m a long-time spirits enthusiast, born and raised in France. After living abroad for a few years, I continued to enjoy spirits globally with a strong passion for Cognac, Whisky, and Rum. I ended up in this business inadvertently when people began asking me to help them locate bottles they couldn't find and realized there’s definitely something to do.

Why did you come up with the idea for this platform?

We realized that the secondary market for spirits is outdated, inefficient, and illiquid, with high execution costs and fragmented information. I looked at what was working in other industries and applied those principles to the spirits market.

What does your project involve and who are the potential customers?

The Exchange Platform (TEP) is built on four foundations:

  • Price History: We aggregate data from over 70 auction sources for all types of spirits, plus our own traded prices. Each bottle is standardized with a unique identifier, often linked to a barcode, making searching and comparison easier.
  • Trading: We empower buyers and sellers to set their own prices, shifting away from a seller-driven market.
  • Portfolio Management: We’ve developed a unique tool that allows users to monitor their collection, inventory, or investments with flexibility and powerful analytics.
  • News, Events, Insights: We curate relevant spirits news and events through a dedicated newsfeed and custom filters. Additionally, we publish research and insights through our new Insights function.

How do you ensure the platform is scam-free?

Hahaha, I guess you’re referring to the curses and threats I’ve received from scammers on Facebook. Since security is in our DNA and we use Mangopay, a regulated payment provider in the EU, all participants must undergo a one-time KYC (Know Your Customer) process to confirm their identity. Payments are handled within Mangopay’s ecosystem, so sellers only receive funds once the parcel is delivered and confirmed.

What makes your platform better than others?

Honestly? Everything! (laughing) More seriously, we offer the only one-stop platform where you can enjoy a dedicated newsfeed, browse spirits events worldwide, search for bottles, explore price history, notify the market of your buying interests, swap bottles, and monitor your position. All of this is within a secure workflow, from registration to payment and delivery, as we have integrated UPS secured parcels. On top of that, we have marginal fee at 2.5%, VAT included. There's no need to look for auctions, find a blog, hope to get prices from somewhere, or be stuck in groups. You can access everything at The Exchange Platform


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